Email from ED.

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Email from ED.

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With his permission here is the text of an email from Ed following an email to him asking if he had any contacts to help out with this problem.

"I really wish I had something that could help but Im afraid I don't. The staff have all moved on and I'm in full time work (trying to make up the loss of no salary for 18 months) Could have ended better for all involved, if only our investor had not got cold feet from the youview threat - which has turned out weak at best. By now, we had plans to be way beyond what youview is. I'm just trying to move on now.
The DVB core was written by who have no commercial reason to help you other than from interest in the changes in the uk market. If they gave you some software it would not be 3view anymore and would not have iplayer. Worth an approach though ?
All the best."

And as a follow up
" please pass on my my apologies to everyone for the way this has all ended and my gratitude for their support during the good times."

Regards Kev

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Re: Email from ED.

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I can't remember who posted it, but Avtrex are dead. Have been eaten by another company. Who then dumped most of the Avtrex products.
No one on this forum has ever worked for 3View CE Ltd, we've no association with that dead company. We just own boxes like you. We're a band of hackers trying to get the hardware we have paid for to work. We are doing this for free in our spare time

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