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Re: Current state of play

Post by Kev »

You need to download the software to your computer then put it on to a USB key.
Insert this key into the USB port of the 3View and reload from it into the box --- there, as far as I am aware, is no direct link from the 3View box to the 3View site and online software anymore .

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Re: Current state of play

Post by mpailthorpe »

guess its worth a try - it shouldn't be an issue as the box in question already has the latest download, but maybe that got corrupted.

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Re: Current state of play

Post by digitl »

mpailthorpe wrote:When I try to reload the software online I just get a page that shows progress as 0%, and the word `failed' at the bottom of the page.
As Kev says, try reloading it from USB. The file may no longer be available from 3view's server.
Frank (aka Admin)

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Re: Current state of play

Post by gcpete »

the software that the 3view runs is installed on the harddisk. So it would make sense that moving the disk from one machine to another would not help you out. The maintanace menue software is held on flash. If the software has become corrupt then reistalling will fix it. However if the disk has become corrupt or the database (more likely as the software partition of the disk is mounted read only in normal use) then this will not fix it. However dont panic. You should be able to mount the disk from a pc running linux and copy the contents. If you dont have one then you can boot to it from a usb stick in a windows machine. I would suggest that anyone with recodings they cant live without should back them up via the DLNA methods described elsewhere on the site.


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Re: Current state of play

Post by Wilf »

This isn't news, just additional info about the 3view brand.

The trademarks are registered to Simply Global TV Ltd.

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Re: Current state of play

Post by Wilf »

Annual return filed on the 16th of March.

Someone's still operating the company...

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Re: Current state of play

Post by damonq2 »

I find that absolutely incredible, that someone is still running the company and filing returns.

I have made three attempts to contact the company by recorded delivery. The first one, sent on 21 Dec to 3view Consumer Electronics, 145-157 St John Street, was returned to me as "Not at this address". I contacted the virtual office services company who run 145-157 St John Street to be told that the company in question no longer use their services and they didn't have a forwarding address. Bear in mind that this was before the change of name was officially logged and these details were the ones filed at Companies House.

Two further letters sent recorded delivery, both sent on 7 Jan, to View CE Ltd as it was known by then (at the 145-157 St John Street address) and to the newly registered 3view TV Ltd (at an address in Essex) solicited no response.

All three companies share a common director -

I was left with no option but to peruse a Section 75 claim under my credit card agreement. By this time the 3view box would not even boot up correctly and it was impossible to get to the maintenance menu.

I found a local retailer who was willing to investigate the box and produce a report on whether the fault could be repaired and they concluded that the main PCB had failed and, as no replacement parts were available, the box was irreparable.

I'm please to say that my credit card company have now offered me my money back (given the evidence I have provided regarding my attempts to contact the company, the fact that the box - whilst purchased in Sep 2010 - was still under a 2 year warranty, the report on the fault and the fact that no repair was possible) minus a tiny amount to cover depreciation through use. They even reimbursed the amount it cost to have the investigative report carried out.

Thank goodness I used my credit card to buy the unit in the first place. This whole sorry affair will make me think twice when attempting to support a new start-up. I, like many, were attracted to this box because of what it offered and the potential it had but I must say that I feel very bitter about the way this has all played out.

I'm now able to draw a line under this whole sorry affair and move on.

I wish those with functioning boxes all the best in the future.

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Re: Current state of play

Post by Wilf »

Not sure how long they've been there, but eBuyer have 41 in stock at a bargain price of £120. If only I'd waited a year and a half; that price is pretty reasonable even with the problems !

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Re: Current state of play

Post by Bob »

Even cheaper today............41 in stock £124.98 now £119.99 inc vat
I just wonder where they've come from,are they recon units? Ebuyer never sold them previously, people who bought cheap previously regreted doing so in a few cases

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